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We’re a demolition and excavation company in Huntsville, Texas, serving  

  • Arizona, Texas
  • Barado, Texas
  • Bath, Texas
  • Carolina, Texas
  • Crabbs Prairie, Texas
  • Dodge, Texas
  • Elmina, Texas
  • Galilee, Texas
  • Goshen, Texas
  • Gospel Hill, Texas
  • Harmony, Texas
  • Hawthorne, Texas
  • Huntsville, Texas
  • Kittrell, Texas
  • Loma, Texas
  • Moore Grove, Texas
  • Mossy Grove, Texas
  • Mount Morian, Texas
  • New Waverly, Texas
  • Phelps, Texas
  • Pine Hill, Texas
  • Pine Prairie, Texas
  • Pine Valley, Texas
  • Riverside, Texas
  • San Jacinto, Texas
  • Wesley Grove, Texas

We Offer, Lot Clearing, Excavation Work, Land Clearing, Excavation Contractor, Land Grading, Mulch Hauling, Land Drainage, Pond Construction, Culvert & Drainage, Demolition, Land Preparation, Gravel & Fill, Driveways Construction, Land Contractor, and Rock Delivery. If you need any of these services done around your property give us a call or send an email! Contact us today to get started on your project! You’ll be glad you did.

Land clearing is an important process that can be used for a variety of purposes. There are a number of different approaches that can be used for land clearing, each with its own benefits and downsides. No one method is perfect for each circumstance, so it is important to pick the right method based on the particular needs of the task. Contact Luxe Dirt Works today if you need aid in selecting the best land clearing method for your task! Call: (936) 245-3478.

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