Grading and Site Preparation in Huntsville, TX

Grading and Site Preparation in Huntsville, TX

Luxe Dirt Works can help you succeed in your excavation project, whether building a structure or changing the grade to make it more valuable. Rest assured, we are accustomed to stormwater regulations and building codes.

Because the earth’s natural contours don’t align with what a level foundation needs, all excavation projects require grading. Luxe Dirt Works has the experience and equipment to manage large or small grading and site preparation projects.

There are often two steps in site preparation. After building the structure, the first step is excavation. The second step is final grading. Final grading is necessary to ensure drainage and keep water from leaking into the building.

Luxe Dirt Works can help you make the right decisions, regardless of what the purpose of your building is.

Other Grading and Site Preparation Services Includes

  • Undergrowth removal
  • Sod and debris removal
  • Shrub removal or replanting
  • Rock and boulder removal
  • Stump removal
  • Earth removal or addition
  • Site leveling and grading

Agricultural Excavation Projects in Huntsville, TX

Agricultural excavation projects can contain pole barns, garages, horse barns, equine arenas or other equestrian buildings, sheds, and other agricultural uses. Luxe Dirt Works is skilled with agricultural projects’ unique requirements for stormwater retention and maximum acceptable grade.

Agricultural buildings and areas often have special grading and excavation requirements on a much larger scale. All agricultural buildings need a level site and usually a concrete foundation. For a lasting build, excavating the ground is required to keep stormwater away from the building and is typically managed on-site.

Pole Barns

Pole barns are easy to construct and simple to build, prevalent in agriculture. Pole barns don’t have a foundation but instead have concrete poles around the perimeter.

Multi-level Horse Barns

You can either regrade sloped properties or use the slope to build multi-level agricultural buildings. Accessing the building from more than one level is often very advantageous. Use bank barns to make the most of a sloped site, allowing multi-level access to your barn.

Residential Excavation Projects in Huntsville, TX

With a more plain site preparation, residential excavations tend to be smaller and more manageable. An excavation typically includes a concrete or gravel pad to build a shed or another storage building. Residential excavation and site preparation can consist of regrading for: 

  • Storage shed
  • Gazebos, 
  • Play areas
  • Driveways
  • Retaining walls
  • Stormwater management solutions

Storage Sheds

Residential storage sheds can be placed on:

  • concrete pad 
  • stone base foundations 

Recreation areas

You need to have enough space to place swing sets and child play areas safely. To maximize space, excavation and preparation of these areas often include retaining walls.

Other Dirt Work Services We Offer

We offer other services that would cater to your needs regarding dirt works.

Contact Us Today for Professional Grading and Site Preparation in Huntsville, TXLuxe Dirt Works offers a complete range of services for grading and site preparation. Our contractors can complete any job quickly and professionally. We can remove obstacles, grade the land and clean up the mess we leave behind. We can also dig any foundation trenches that you might need to support your development. For all your site preparation needs, contact us today!

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